Financial analysis is essential in a variety of commercial scenarios like credit underwriting and equity investments. To perform financial analysis, people typically need to read hundreds of pages of financial documents. These are annual reports, quarterly reports, announcements and bank statements, etc - mostly are unstructured documents with no uniform formats, which makes the process repetitive, time-consuming and prone to errors. Currently, this financial analysis process is performed 100% manually. For example, credit assessment for corporate loan in banks, it generally takes relationship manager and credit risk manager around 7-14 days to complete the financial analysis and generate an internal credit memo.


Automate Manual Process of Financial Spreading & Analysis of Financial Documents

6Estates has developed an AI-Powered system called FA Automize to read and understand financial documents so as to automate & simplify manual processes including financial spreading, financial analysis and report generation. This Intelligent Process Automation solution enables financial institutions to improve the efficiency and productivity significantly.


Financial Spreading

Use AI to automatically extract financial indicators and values from various documents to perform data adjustments and calculations based on predefined standards.

Financial Analysis

Combine and analyze the numerical and textual information in financial documents to highlight key financial movements and identify relevant drivers.

Industry Analysis

Integrate third-party data such as corporate credit ratings, financial news, expertise reports and company announcements to supplement industry and competitive analysis.

Report Generation

Generate high-quality customized financial analysis reports within a few minutes.

Technology Highlight

Machine Reading Comprehension (MRC), Information Extraction, Natural Language Generation (NLG)


Improve Productivity and Efficiency by at least 60%

Automate financial analysis processes to improve efficiency

Effectively reduce manual dependency and analysis errors

Customize financial analysis logic and report structure

Integrate with various external data sources


We will send you a copy of FA Automize digital brochure while we reach out to you via email to setup an appointment to see the actual demo. Please allow 1 - 2 business days for us to get back to you.
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