Learn How 6Estates Assisted A Leading Food Ingredient Provider To Accelerate Its Growth By Identifying Emerging Food Trends.


A leading global food ingredient provider (“the client”) partnered with 6Estates to identify & predict food trends. The client delivers professional ingredients, services, and solutions that fulfil culinary needs, commercial challenges, and inspire chefs to satisfy their guests every day.

Project Objective: Identify & predict emerging food trends to better shape its product offerings to meet demand.

6Estates Superiorities

6Estates achieved the client’s business objective by utilizing advanced natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms backed by a team of analytical experts.

6Estates applies advanced big data analytics to gain multi-dimensional deep insights which cannot be obtained by traditional statistical analysis.

Our years of research have optimized the AI and big data algorithms, enabling us to achieve more accurate results in a shorter time and with less human interaction.

6Estates has proprietary access to over 60gb of relevant online public data extracted daily is a NLP technology leader (esp. for Chinese language) with over 30 NLP algorithms for English and Chinese languages ideal for ultra-fast processing.

What’s different about our methodology?

  • Fast and real-life tracking
  • Highly accurate and statistically conclusive
  • Deeli insights into the problem statement

Client Business Objectives

To identify the right opportunities such as trending top dishes, ingredients, shifts in diner preferences, as well as to size the opportunities.

6Estates Solutions

Deep content analysis and semantic understanding using state-of-the-art AI technology

Visualized results in a customized online platform


  • Identify the emerging food trend and can introduce innovative ingredients to meet the emerging demand ahead of its competitors.
  • Better visibility of the dynamic food ingredient market
  • Ability to monitor it in a timely and sustainable manner

Client Testimonial

“The amazing thing is, the more I play with the tool, the more I realize how amazing it is.”


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