Explore How 6Estates Assisted A Skincare Company With In-depth Marketing Mix Analysis.

Skincare company

Dig deep into online conversations to make intelligent data-driven decisions

Objective: Our client, a leading skincare company, (“the client") partnered with 6Estates to gain deep understanding into the online conversations of Chinese customers. The voice of customers were translated into actionable insights to help the client make data-driven decisions on product designs, communication claims and launch strategy.

Patented, AI-powered methodology

6Estates achieved the client’s business objective by utilizing advanced natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms backed by a team of analytical experts.

What’s different about our methodology?

  • Fast and real-life tracking
  • Highly accurate and statistically conclusive
  • Deep insights into the problem statement
  • For this project, we used our very own Automated Market Intelligence (AMI) and big data platform. The AMI solution is successful because 6Estates:
  • has proprietary access to over 60gb of relevant online public data extracted daily
  • is a NLP technology leader (esp. for Chinese language) with over 30 NLP algorithms for English and Chinese languages ideal for ultra-fast processing
  • is backed by 4 patents

Brand image analysis: understand the important associations and sentiments with the brand and its competitor, and how they change over the two years. It helps the client to re-think about their product roadmap, to reinforce the associations they would like the customers to have with the brand

Perception driver analysis: understand the main discussion topics and important drivers for certain perception, both positive and negative. It helps the client to channel the right effort on the right drivers to shape the desired perception

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