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Benefit From Natural Language Processing And Artificial Intelligence Technology

Forward thinking corporations have been thinking of ways to utilize the trove of data available, internally and externally, to make better decisions. 6Estates is able to offer customized data analysis solution, combining internal and external data, to turn data into insightful information and even predictive analytics.


6Estates' AMI integrated data analytics tools Increase your insight to speed up your decision making process. Over the years businesses tried keeping up with information tracking but data moves a lot faster. The data analysis service we offer uses real time processing to offer you pure in-depth statistics of the market.

Our predictive analysis combines predictive modeling, data mining, ad-hoc statistical analysis, realtime machine learning and text analytics together. And to make most accurate predictions, it finds patterns into the latest trends, detects any possible anomaly and identifies relationships which, without the AMI data analytics tools, would be difficult.

We can help you turn your data insights into business leads and gain edge over your competitors. That way, you’ll be able to hold diversified data in a larger volume while increase Return on Investment exponentially.



  • Trend & Prediction

    Trend & Prediction

    Combine meaningful external data with internal data to have a holistic view of the dynamic market environment

    Detect trends, opportunities, risk and make timely decisions using media analysis technology.

    Make smarter choice for your business, predict confidently and don't just rely on instinct

  • Document Management System

    Document Management System

    Analyse, extract and summarize key elements within a document

    Index and tag for automated archiving and searchability

    Through DMS make management easy, reduce functioning costs, save energy, do smart monitoring and increase overall productivity.

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