6Estates at a glance

6Estates is where perfect tech meets perfect team. At 6Estates, 60% of our staff come from world top ranking universities majoring in computer sciences. Our expertise covers 30+ category domains and we have 10+ years’ experience in agencies.

About 6Estates

6Estates was founded by data scientists and tech entrepreneurs to solve real world challenges presented by the explosion of data on different digital platforms. Building upon years of research on big data analytics from NExT, a research centre established between National University of Singapore (NUS) and Tsinghua University of China, 6Estates develops state-of-the-art tools that can gather, analyze and predict digital signals about organisations, products, brands, people, location and events, to deliver real-time, deep intelligence to businesses to enable critical and time-sensitive decision-making on marketing, product development, manufacturing and customer service.

Powering Businesses To Make Smarter Decisions

Reliable, Innovative, Fast

Our Team

  • Huanbo LUAN, Ph.D.

    Huanbo LUAN, Ph.D.


    PhD in computer science specializing in multimedia and social media processing. Senior Researcher in Tsinghua University.

  • Tat-Seng CHUA, Ph.D.

    Tat-Seng CHUA, Ph.D.

    Chairman & Chief Scientist

    Acclaimed international researcher and authority on text and media processing; Chair Professor at NUS.

  • Roger YUEN

    Roger YUEN

    Chief Strategist

    Established entrepreneur and investor. Digital media veteran and senior ex-corporate executive.

  • Tao XU

    Tao XU

    Strategic Business Director

  • Haoxuan DONG

    Haoxuan DONG

    Project Manager

  • Annie WANG

    Annie WANG

    Business Analyst

  • Renee CHAN

    Renee CHAN

    Client Advisor

  • Jiuyu ZHOU

    Jiuyu ZHOU

    Consumer & Market Insights Manager

  • Esther KANG

    Esther KANG

    Finance & Admin Manager

  • Jesse LIU

    Jesse LIU

    Business Development Director

  • Sharon ZHANG

    Sharon ZHANG

    Marketing Manager

  • Vivian ZHOU

    Vivian ZHOU

    Data Manager

  • Fengbin ZHU

    Fengbin ZHU

    Technology Director

  • Bo LI

    Bo LI

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Ruoyu LI

    Ruoyu LI

    Data Scientist

  • Ximin MA

    Ximin MA

    Full Stack Engineer

  • Yong GE

    Yong GE

    DevOps Engineer

  • Guihu HUANG

    Guihu HUANG

    Big Data Engineer

  • Mingming QIU

    Mingming QIU

    Big Data Engineer

We Are Hiring!

Closely connected to National University of Singapore (NUS) and Tsinghua University, 6Estates is always looking out for the best people to be a part of our family. In pursuit of company success, we do attach great importance to investing in our products and our people! We put efforts in fostering an environment of open-mindedness, appreciating diverse perspectives and velocity. If you find yourself interested in this exciting space, feel free to reach out to hr@6estates.com.