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Financial institutions are highly dependent on human expertise for manual document checking and this creates scalability constraints and cost inefficiencies. Knowledge is not retained within organisations due to human attrition which leads to high training costs. More importantly, there are delays in data synchronisation which potentially leaves the organisation vulnerable to operation, regulatory risks.


We apply AI technology in different operational areas such as credit analysis automation, trade finance automation, and accounting automation.

Automated Information Extraction

Machine reading comprehension technology accurately extracts required information within unstructured documents to reduce human dependency on repetitive tasks.

Automated Compliance Check

Rule engine turns human knowledge into organisational asset and deploys intelligent automation for enhanced efficiency.

Automated Risk Detection

Intelligent automation combines artificial intelligence and expert knowledge to conduct real-time monitoring for illicit activities, in order to decrease operational, compliance or investment risk

Applicable Document

Financial Statement
Financial Research Reports
Letter Of Credit
Bill of lading

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