Identify the ‘Seen’, Anticipate the ‘Unseen’

MIKA integrates data from brand communication, consumer reviews and sales information to present the latest market dynamics, consumer trends and sales growth factors. It provides AI-driven Insight-as-a-Service Report and Platform to help businesses predict market trend, inspire product innovation and enhance brand communication.

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Trend Prediction

Product Innovation

Brand Communication

Detect Trends, React Fast & Stay Ahead

Market trends come and go much faster today. Global brands are losing market share to smaller and nimbler businesses which react faster to changes and local consumer needs.

Always-on Market Intelligence

Discover the latest market dynamics and competitive landscape

Supercharge Your Research

Understand consumer behavior, interests, attitudes, preferences and knowledge

Industry-Specific Knowledge

Get in-depth context to what’s driving the trend and the underlying business implication

Get Your Answers To:

What consumers are looking for right now and what are likely to be their future interest?

What new ingredients or new benefits are emerging in the category?

What’s driving the current category trend and how will the trend move in the future?

What are the growth opportunities, and which should we prioritise?

Attain the Right Product-Market Fit

There is a constant pressure to anticipate future demand and build pipelines for product development, under the challenge of minimising high-cost of time and trials. Fast-changing market dynamics makes it much harder to position the new product in the right space.

Up-to-date Holistic View on Product Offerings

Identify the white space and unmet needs for new product innovation

Uncover Hidden Relations Between Feature and Revenue

Measure the impact of each product attribute on sales to focus on what matters the most

Strengthen Innovation Pipeline

Identify growth drivers. Recommend and test new product features or combinations

Get Your Answers To:

Are we offering the features and benefits that are relevant to market needs?

What are the key white spaces and growth opportunities in my category?

What product features have the potential to impact sales but yet be noticed by other players?

Why are certain products trending and how can I leverage on them?

Convey Targeted Message Through Effective Touchpoints

It's getting more and more challenging to cut through the noise within a congested media space today. Brands need to convey a compelling message via the most effective media touchpoints to address any gap between brands and consumers.

Enhance Brand Communication

Understand the gap between product claims and consumer perception. Identify opportunities in your positioning and communications

Marketing Effectiveness

Find out the most effective touch points, not only based on conventional digital statistics, but also its contribution to actual sales

Get Your Answers To:

What do my brand and my competitor brands represent and stand for in consumers' minds?

Which part of product experience did not deliver to consumers’ expectation which is critically affecting sales?

What can I learn from my current campaign to improve the use of media touch points for my future campaigns?

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Find out how our unique focus on product claims (such as benefits, functions and ingredients) can be applied to your business. Start your free trial now.

What’s included in your trial:

  • 10 selected claims within a prominent sub-category in personal care industry

  • Top 10 products for each of the selected claims

  • Claim trends based on growth potential and consumer interests